Ref : 630 601

Vintage Cars

Vintage Cars

ref : 630 601


  FSC certified calendar


logo post


Postal size calendar



Avertising area for calendar Vintage Cars


Size of the calendar : 22 x 41,5 cm
Advert area : 22 x 7,7 cm

When the calendar is hung on a wall, the size of the advertising space is 300 x 77 mm.

If you want to know the technical specifications for the layout of the advertising imprint, you can download the enclosed document. Advertising imprint for the 630 series.

If you want to know our graphic standards for the printing and typesetting, you can download the enclosed document. Technical specifications.

Please read this document carefully, so you can avoid author's corrections, unnecessary expenses, and possible delivery delays.


6 pages calendar.

Calendar dates with large numbers and with space for notes

Product specification - calendar 630 601

4 languages calendar : english, french, dutch and german

Bank holidays : Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Netherland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England and Ireland
  : 115 gr mat coated

Weight : 130 gr


Packing : boxed by 100
Size of the box : 405 x 340 x 175 mm - 605 gr


Individual package : kraft envelope with carboard back
Size : 310 x 360 mm - 69 gr