OLEFFE Publisher

Created 80 years ago, the OLEFFE printing house is specialized in the printing of calendars for more than 50 years.

Antoine and Fina Oleffe, who were born in a family established in Court-St-Etienne before 1830, had three children: Emilie, Emile, and Joseph.


Emile et Flore OLEFFE


Emile Oleffe was a trainee typographer in the printing house of Xavier Sinechal, located near the church of Court-Saint -Etienne.


In 1933, Xavier Sinechal died. At that time two trainees’ typographers worked in his workshop: Emile Oleffe and Albert Pilloy.

As no one else took over the printing house, they had to resume the activity and created the "Pilloy-Oleffe printing house."


In 1937, when Emile had to find a new workshop, he asked his brother Joseph, a bricklayer, to build a building in front of his home located on Sambree Street. This building, which was given to the parish, was the site of the Scouts of Court-St –Etienne since 1970. First building of OLEFFE Publisher .

premier bâtiment des Editions OLEFFE

In 1938, as soon as the construction was completed, Albert Pilloy, partner of Emile, died without an heir. Emile had to resume the activity on his own and this is when the "Emile OLEFFE Printing House" was created.

Emile Oleffe had two sons. The eldest, Andre, went to work in the finance world and died in 1975 when he was still Minister for Economic Affairs under the Tindemans government, and his brother Raymond joined the family business in 1938.


In 1957, at the request of a customer "La Petite Propriété Terrienne," the printing house made its first calendar.

Raymond, who found the calendar interesting, and who was always supported and helped by his wife, began a small printing of calendars in 1958. In order not to disrupt the normal production of the printing house, he had to make the first calendars at night time.

The printing house changed considerably and very quickly became a publishing house of calendars.


Raymond Oleffe had five children: two girls and three boys.

One of his daughters, Francoise, and his three sons, Daniel, Vincent, and Andre joined the company between 1974 and 1982.

Gaetan, who was the grandson of Raymond and the son of Daniel joined the company in 2003.


The production, which was manual at the time, increased and the production of calendars went from tens of thousands in the 60s to 200,000 in 1975, and to more than 3,500,000 in 2007.


This growth led to the beginning of automated manufacturing.

In 1977, the company acquired the first binder-stapler, and the first offset printer.

In 1979, it acquired the first system for computer typesetting.

In 1989, it acquired a second assembly line, a third in 1999, and a fourth automatic assembly line in 2005.


In 2006, and in close collaboration with Durrer, we created Blofix, the first machine for the finished version of multi-block calendars.

Durrer made it and to this day two additional copies have been sold in Germany.


The technological progress required the extension of the workshops. In 1967, Raymond Oleffe extended the building which had a surface area of 150 square meter in 1937 to reach a surface area of 1000 square meters.

In 1986, the problem became topical again, and we had to double the building surface area to 2000 square meters.

Again, in 1995 we had to double the surface area to 4000 square meters.

As the surface area became too small again, we decided to rent a warehouse with a surface area of more than 600 square meters.


Edition Oleffe - bâtiments de 1967 et 1986 Edition OLEFFE - bâtiment de 1995


The increase in revenue, and therefore of the staff (currently more than 30 people) is the result of various factors:

  • In 1970, we participated for the first time in a trade fair for promotional items in Belgium
  • In 1983, we acquired Morton Graphic, the Parisian publisher.
  • Participation in international trade fairs such as the Frankfurt Fair since 1975, the PSI in Düsseldorf since 1990, the PSI Paris and the Promota Show in Birmingham since 1997, and last but not least the Trade Only National Show in Coventry since 2007
  • And finally the creation of our subsidiary "Oleffe Kalender Verlag GmbH" in Kehl, Germany in 2005.

Our exports to Europe grew steadily and in 2007 represented more than 30% of our consolidated turnover.


Our team's purpose is to achieve the highest product quality..

Our constant concern to adapt to new technologies and automated manufacturing is the guarantee that we give our customers the best quality possible at competitive prices.

Being the first publisher of Belgian calendars, we have a collection of more than 70 models.

Today, the company’s management and leadership are divided between the three brothers and Gaëtan, and all the important decisions are taken in a collegian manner.


Our slogan summarizes our 50 years of experience, the constant attention we devote to our work, and our team's work, of which the main concern is the customer's satisfaction.

« Our experience at your service ».